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Opinnäytetyön kirjoittamisen ohjeet: Information retrieval guidance for students working on their theses

Information retrieval guidance for students working on their theses

How to complete the information seeking task?

1. Take part in information seeking workshop

2. Write a short text in your thesis plan where you describe the information seeking process:

• where you search for information? (name the databases)
• examples of keywords
• what criteria you use to select the sources?

In addition, the task evaluates references used in the plan. You can return the plan here for evaluation:

In the workshop you can get guidance on database search problems. Also the RefWorks reference managegement program will be introduced. The best time to participate in an information seeking workshop is at the beginning of the thesis, when the topic is already known. When you sign up for a workshop, tell us which topic you are looking for information on.

Workshop location: Teams

Pre-registration required:

  • Kajaanin ammattikorkeakoulu
  • PL 52, Ketunpolku 3
  • 87101 KAJAANI
  • puh (08) 618 991
  • Saavutettavuusseloste