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Library Users' Guide: Opening Hours and Contact Details

Information about the KAMK Library

About the library

Kajaani University of Applied Sciences library is located on campus near you.

What is our aim?

We offer high-quality facilities and services that comply with learning, research and development requirements. We provide the students with excellent information acquisition and retrieval skills for working life.

We comply with the national procedures and recommendations for university libraries. The library’s operations are also quantitatively evaluated annually. This data is gathered and stored in the Research Libraries Statistics Database.

Whom do we serve?

Our customers are mainly the students and staff of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. The library is open to all users, but we offer the students and staff of the university of applied science more services that are open and free of charge.

Purchase of materials

We purchase materials cost-effectively and avoid unnecessary overlap between library collections. Read more from the Library User Guide about e.g. the purchase of materials used by staff.

Ask us!

Ask us:

  • by email: amkkirjasto(at)
  • by telephone: +35844 7157042
  • or come and visit!

Using the independent study facility

The researcher's rooms located in the independent study facility can be booked at the customer service desk. It is also possible to acquire a key on request.

Students of KAMK can work in the Independent Study Facility outside the library's opening hours (7-21). To do so, students must acquire right of access from the janitor.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the independent study facility is also in the use of groups and at other times it is reserved for quiet study.

Opening Hours and Contact Details

Library Opening Hours

Mon 9–17 (9–10, 13.30–14.30)
Tue 9–16 (9–10, 12.30–13.30)
Wed 10–17 (10–11, 13.30–14.30)
Thu 9–16 (9–10, 12.30–13.30)
Fri 9–15 (9–10, 12–13)

Self-service hours in brackets.


Opening hours during summer
10.7.–27.8. Mon–Fri 10–14


Contact Information

Kajaani University Library
Visiting address:
Ketunpolku 1 
87100 Kajaani 

Postal address:
PL 240 
87101 Kajaani

tel.: +35844 7157042 


  • Kajaanin ammattikorkeakoulu
  • PL 52, Ketunpolku 1
  • 87101 KAJAANI
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