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Library Users' Guide: Persons with Print Disabilities

Audio books

Audio books

Do you find it difficult to read print? If so, an audiobook could be the answer.

We cooperate with Celia. Celia is a national centre of expertise for accessible literature and publishing, which offers services to anyone who has a problem reading normally, due to illness, disability or other reasons. Students who are prevented from reading due to the reasons above, can register as a Celia web service user via the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences Library.

Who can use the service?

Celia audiobooks can be used by anyone who finds it difficult to read print due to illness or disability. You are entitled to use audiobooks if you have or suffer from, e.g.

  • Visual impairment/poor eye-sight ​
  • Dyslexia​
  • Learning disability​
  • Language disability ​
  • ​Cerebral Palsy  
  • ​Multiple Sclerosis
  • ​Muscle diseases

It is not necessary to present a dyslexia certificate.



Celia is a national center for accessible literature and publishing in Finland, working toward equality in reading and learning. Celia belongs to the administrative sector of the Ministry of Education and Culture.

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