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Library Users' Guide: Borrow, Renew, Request

Borrow, renwe, request


Loan periods:

The loan period for material from the loan collection is four weeks.

The loan period for course books is two weeks.

Course books held in the reference library can only be borrowed overnight or over the weekend. The reference library books can be read in the library during the day.

Maximum renewal of loans:

Course books                                                         4 times

Loan collection and theses                                  10 times


Renew your loans in KAMK-Finna, when visiting the library, by telephone or by sending an email to amkkirjasto(at)


Place a request for material in KAMK-Finna.

You can only request material that is already on loan via KAMK-Finna. If you wish to reserve an item on the shelf, contact customer service. ​

Requesting material is free of charge.

You will be informed by email when the requested item is ready for collection.


If the library is closed leave your loans in the returns box behind the library.

Please return or renew your loans by the due date. If you return items later than the due date you will have to pay a fine.

If you fail to return or renew your loans despite reminders to do so, you will be sent an invoice for the loans.

Notices and reminders

Notices and reminders

We send notices of arrival, approaching due date, and late return of item, for requested items. Please provide a functioning email address! Reminders are an additional service and for this reason do not free you from the responsibility of returning your loans promptly.

The queue for a requested item may be long!

Please inform the library if you do not need the requested item so that the next person in the queue will receive it more quickly!

Customer responsibility

Customer responsibility

The due date is binding! The customer is responsible for returning and renewing his or her loans even when it is not possible to renew loans online for technical reasons or when the library’s due date reminder service is out of order.

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