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Library Users' Guide: Front Page

This is how you use the KAMK library

Would you like to join the KAMK library?

Are you coming to visit?

We will help you to succeed!

We offer our customers the access to the printed and the electronic collection and advice on how to make the best use of them. Our library services are public and open to all users. The collections contain materials according to the subjects taught at Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. In addition, the library's collection includes literature on the educational sciences and psychology from the library of the University of Oulu.

We provide:

  • up to date collections to fulfill professional information needs
  • sources of information for use in the library or online 24/7
  • an open learning environment for your journey to becoming an expert
  • a highly trained and expert staff at your service
  • information retrieval training

The information retrieval guides provide tips on finding information on your own fields of study, information retrieval and library services.

You can work in the library

  • using a computer
  • in the independent work room.

Library Opening Hours

Mon 9 – 17 (13.30-14.30)
Tue 9 – 16 (12.30-13.30)
Wed 10 – 17 (13.30-14.30)
Thu 9 – 16 (12.30-13.30)
Fri 9 – 15 (12.00-13.00)

Self-service hours in brackets.

On Eves we close at 15.


Use the KAMK-Finna search service to find information on KAMK library's printed materials and eMaterials. This service also provides access to some eMaterials.

In KAMK-Finna you can check

  • in which collection the material can be found
  • whether the material is available for borrowing

By logging on to the service with KamIT user ID you can

  • reserve materials
  • renew your loans
  • use eMaterials remotely


The library's materials

Use the KAMK-Finna service to find information on Kajaani University of Applied Sciences' printed and electronic materials stored in its collections.


KAMK-Finna contains information on theses that have been printed and gives access to electronic theses. Some of the theses have been archived. You can request such theses from customer service.

You can search and retrieve electronic theses and publications from all Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences directly from the Theseus database.

Using the library remotely

By logging on to the KAMK-Finna service with your KamIT user ID, you will be able to use the KAMK library's e-materials anytime and anywhere.

Information Retrieval Guides

Information retrieval guides is an online service providing instructions on how to use the library and ematerials.

Via this service you will find ematerials which you can use in the KAMK library and remotely with your persona KamIT user ID.

There are two types of guides: general and guides for each field of sutdy.

The general guide provides information on the library's services, for example using eBooks and ematerials in teaching. In the subject guides you will find materials specific to your own field and information retrieval instructions.

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