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Library Users' Guide: Library Rules

Library Rules

Using the library

These rules cover the use of the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences library.

Right of use

The library primarily serves the students and staff of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. Most of the library’s services are also available to other customers.


You will be given a library card by presenting personal identification containing a photograph and your personal identification number and informing the library of your contact details. Your library card is personal, and you need to have it with you every time you borrow something from the library.

Keep your contact details up to date. Please inform the library if your email address, telephone number or name changes.

You are responsible for the material you borrow on your library card and you are liable for replacing lost or damaged material. Please inform the library if you lose your card. You are liable for the use of your card until you notify the library that it has been lost.

The lending periods of the different branches of the library and collections differ. The library also holds material that cannot be borrowed.

Requesting material

You can order material from one library branch to another. Place a request in the KAMK-Finna service, by email, when you visit the library, or by telephone.

Returning material

Return or renew your loans at the latest by the due date. When the library is closed, you can return your books to the returns box at the back of the library.

We send a preliminary notice of pending due date and recall to the email address you have provided. Reminders are an additional service and you are always liable for returning or renewing your loans promptly.

Recall (late return of loans) fines and fees and losing your borrowing privileges

We charge a recall fee when loans are returned late. You can also lose your borrowing privileges if you incur unpaid fees and fines owed to the library. See the separate list of fees.

Complying with the rules

You commit to complying with the library’s rules when you sign your library card. You can lose your borrowing privileges or other user rights for a temporary period or completely if you fail to comply with the rules and instructions.

Customer register and data protection

Your personal data is saved in the library’s customer register, which complies with the Personal Data Act. The customer register is only used for monitoring loans. As set out in the Personal Data Act, you have the right to check your personal data stored therein.

The Library’s rules are in force until otherwise announced. The library has the right to update these rules if necessary.

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