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Library Users' Guide: Service Fees

Service fees

Service fees

Recalled loan (VAT 0%)

You will lose your borrowing privileges if you have incurred fines of €3.00 or more.


Course books, €1.00 / loan / day

Loan collection and periodicals €0.20 / loan / day, at the most €50.00 / customer

Overdue overnight or weekend loans (VAT 0 %) €10 / loan + €1.00 / loan / day

New library card to replace a lost card (VAT 0 %) €2.00

Interlibrary loan fee is 9 euros.


Information retrieval advice and instruction

General presentation of the library and advice (max. 30 min), free of charge

Personal advice or instruction for external customers (more than 30 min.) €60 / hour

Information retrieval instruction for KAMK staff and students is free of charge.

Information retrieval instruction for external groups €80 / hour

Information retrieval instruction for staff and students by order €20 / hour, for external customers €50 / hour


Rent of facilities

Researcher rooms

Price of rent according to a separate facility price list.

 IT classroom

Price of rent according to a separate facility price list.

Compensation for recalled or damaged material (VAT 0%)

Unreturned loans will be invoiced at the actual price of the materials and an administration fee will be added to the invoice.

€20 when 1-3 books to be invoiced

€30 when 4-10 books to be invoiced

€40 when more than 10 books to be invoiced



Validy of prices

The fees are valid until otherwise announced. At the moment it is only possible to pay fines via Kamk-Finna.

Customer's duty

Customers’ duty

The due date is binding! The customer is responsible for returning and renewing loans even when it is not possible to renew loans online due to technical or other reasons or when the library system’s pending due date reminder is not working.

​What if my loans are overdue?

Renew your loans immediately. If you are unable to renew your loans because your material is being held for someone else by request or because you have exceeded the maximum amount for fines, return your loans to the KAMK library as soon as possible.

Losing your borrowing privileges

Unpaid fines will increase your debt to the library. If the total amount of fines reaches €3 your borrowing privileges will be rescinded. Your borrowing privileges will be reinstated when you return your loans and pay your fines.

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