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Tervetuloa KAMKin kirjaston sivuille / Welcome to the KAMK Library website: In English


Contact us


tel. 044-715 7042 (on self-service hours only Whatsapp messages)

Library Opening Hours

Mon 9–17 (9–10, 13.30–14.30)
Tue 9–16 (9–10, 12.30–13.30)
Wed 10–17 (10–11, 13.30–14.30)
Thu 9–16 (9–10, 12.30–13.30)
Fri 9–15 (9–10, 12–13)

Self-service hours are in brackets. On the mornings staff will be available after the self-service hour.

The space for independent study is available for use everyday through 7–21 with the access card.

Location of KAMK Library


Ketunpolku 1 (Tieto 1)

87100 Kajaani

Thesis Related Information Seeking Guidance

Information seeking workshops

Place: A Teams meeting

Next information seeking workshops in English:


Scheduling: When work on the thesis commences and the topic is known. 

Sign up for a workshop by sending an email to kirjastonopetus(at) by 10 a.m. on the day of the workshop. 

You can also have a personal online tutoring session. 

How to complete the information seeking task? 

Thesis writer's guide

Library eCard in Tuudo

KAMK students can conveniently generate a Library Card for themselves through Tuudo by logging into Tuudo with their KamIT IDs and going to the Library tab.

In Tuudo you can renew your loans, track or cancel your reservations. Tuudo reminds you when your loans are approaching the due date and notifies you when your reservation can be picked up. In Tuudo you can also see the opening hours of the library.

 If Tuudo does not automatically generate a library card, please contact the library's customer service.

You can also find us on

KAMK students and staff can loan a laptop to use in the Tieto 1 -building.

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  • PL 52, Ketunpolku 1
  • 87101 KAJAANI
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